UKC Software

Keep your routes as safe as possible

with UKC software from Studio Maui

Avoid dangerous situations by keeping boating and hazards separate!

Find the fastest route with real-time data

UKC software continuously monitors your journey for possible dangers and delays. Our technology achieves this by analyzing large amounts of data – like the speed, cargo weight, minimum depth per zone, departure time, and any tidal changes.

You can fully trust our software to get you from A to B safely and efficiently. When you choose UKC software from Studio Maui, you can be sure that all your data is accurate.

Sail with experience and trust

Combine your experience at the helm with our tried-and-true UKC management solutions for a safe voyage.

Plan your shipping routes with an eye toward safe under keel clearance, computed with a broad range of parameters. Our reports are easy to comprehend and help you stay informed in real time of any unexpected tidal or weather changes that could alter your trip.

Leave nothing to chance!

Safety first

Protect the ship and crew from accidents and delays.


Prove that you have sailed in congruence with the required regulations.


Sail faster with more accurate UKC calculations.

Always 100% custom work

Forget about unoriginal, cookie-cutter solutions! At our company, we understand that each organization is unique; therefore, each issue requires its own tailor-made application.

We provide 100% custom work, and even after delivery, our applications will keep growing with your organization and its challenges.

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Navigate according to international standards

Complex mathematics

Save time by using simple static models first, or choose more complex dynamic models for risk spots.

Adjust sailing route

Adjust your strategy in real-time by retaining speed limits and waiting for the right tide.

Certified calculations

Use UKC modeling algorithms based on international conventions.

Any kind of ship

Use different types of calculations depending on the ship type or passage you are working with.

We’re with you every step of the way

We deliver a wireframe after the first consultation, which is a first sketch of what your software will look like.  This will give you and your team a clear picture of what you can expect from this software, including a cost estimate.

This wireframe allows you to brainstorm with your team, formulate follow-up questions, and make informed decisions together.

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Safe sailing with MF Shipping Group

Still waters run deep. That’s how the saying goes, however many additional variables are involved when shipping cargo safely: speed, mass, salt concentration and tides all influence the position of the vessel in the water.

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