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Boost employee vitality

Effective and timely communication regarding time off is crucial for enhancing employee well-being. Unfortunately, leave requests are often managed by a separate excel sheet. This process is error prone and can lead to stress – defeating the purpose of taking time off!

With Studio Maui’s PTO registration software, you can effortlessly handle leave requests, sickness reports, and even overtime. Both employees and managers can easily track and manage the status of requests that are made.

Let us do the decision making

Our software provides a recommendation on whether to award a PTO request or not. This recommendation is based on several factors, including schedules, production expectations, statutory leave requirements, and skills/certification availability. This information is used by our algorithm to generate a recommendation that requires only the manager’s approval.

What sets our software apart is that employees themselves can see the recommendation for their PTO request in advance.. This prevents frustration among employees, and saves administrators precious time.

Taking a vacation has never been:


Request and review PTO effortlessly through our mobile app.


Our software communicates time-off requests independently.


Adaptable to all types of employees.

Tailor-made time-off solutions

Your leave requests are unique, so your software should be, too. Studio Maui offers fully customizable solutions tailored to your organization’s specific needs and identity. We’re only happy if you are!

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Connect with your team

Visualize the leave status of other team members for better understanding of the decision-making process.

Integrate with Collective Labor Agreements

This software makes it easy to meet all legal requirements!

Link with payroll

Automatically adjust wages and payslips while processing time off by integrating with the payroll department.

Relieve managers of burdens

Set customizable conditions that allow the program to determine whether granting leave is a responsible choice.

We're with you every step of the way

We deliver a wireframe after the first consultation, which is a first sketch of what your software will look like.  This will give you and your team a clear picture of what you can expect from this software, including a cost estimate.

This wireframe allows you to brainstorm with your team, formulate follow-up questions, and make informed decisions together.

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