Gamification in HR

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Keep your employees motivated and bring out their best with gamification software from Studio Maui. Whether it’s during onboarding, training courses, or team competitions displayed on leaderboards, gamification keeps the excitement alive.

With the right software, you can transform insights into personalized training and feedback, empowering your employees to reach new heights. Our solutions challenge employees to strive for victory.

Education through realistic simulation

Learning on the job can be costly. That’s why we offer education through simulation, where employees are prepared for any scenario that may arise. Through gamification, participants receive immediate feedback on their actions, not just at the end of a training session, but at multiple points throughout.


Experience the immediate benefits of gamification in the workplace!


We prioritize the privacy and security of your employees’ data.


Every business is unique and deserves a tailored approach.

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When gamification isn’t used properly within your web of data and software, it remains a mere buzzword, potentially wasting valuable resources. At Studio Maui, we provide expert advice and implement game elements in your software environment that elevate your business to new heights.

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Four ways gamification can help


Foster healthy and playful competition among employees.

Educational tutorials

Allow employees to safely practice unfamiliar actions through interactive tutorials.


Prepare your workforce for unique situations by immersing them in realistic simulations.

Professional development

Gain valuable insights into competencies and identify skill gaps within your organization through gamification.

We're with you every step of the way

We deliver a wireframe after the first consultation, which is a first sketch of what your software will look like.  This will give you and your team a clear picture of what you can expect from this software, including a cost estimate.

This wireframe allows you to brainstorm with your team, formulate follow-up questions, and make informed decisions together.

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