Scheduling software for shift work

Constant staffing, regardless of circumstances

In the bustling world of factory production, workforce planning isn’t a solo act: it’s an intricate dance that coincides with unexpected changes and constantly shifting circumstances. From sudden illness to leave requests and crucial certification requirements, the complexity of planning only increases.

Enter our cutting-edge Factory Staff Planner Software! With a single, effortless click, the software seamlessly assigns all eligible employees to the machines they’re certified for, ensuring an optimal and continuous flow of productivity. Watch as your factory floor transforms into a well-oiled machine, running smoothly and efficiently!

Experience equitable distribution with our ingenious software

Our software puts people first, which is what workforce planning is all about. We factor in elements like physical disabilities, skill enhancement, and fostering harmonious employee relationships (not allowing people with past incidents to work together).

By alternating the positions of your team members, our algorithm ensures a dynamic and diverse work environment – creating a more equitable environment.

Working with temporary staff? With just a click, effortlessly communicate open positions and necessary certifications to your employment agency, ensuring a robust and versatile workforce at your fingertips.

Tailor-made factory worker planning software


The entire weekly schedule created in just a few seconds.


Accurate planning leads to a calm and good-tempered workplace.


Take all circumstances of your employees into consideration.

Always 100% custom work

Choose software that adapts to your needs. At our company, we understand that each organization is unique; therefore, each issue requires its own tailor-made application.

We provide 100% custom work, and even after delivery, our applications will keep growing with your organization and its challenges.

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Clarity for everyone

Employee ease

Unveil the power of a mobile app that brings schedules to employees’ fingertips, empowering them to swap shifts or request time off in a snap.

On-demand staffing

Effortlessly summon flexible employees from employment agencies and scale down when needed.

Smart scheduling

Customize the algorithm’s wisdom to suit your unique needs when orchestrating your workforce.

Seamlessly blend with your existing software

Watch as orders are effortlessly imported from your ERP system, creating a harmonious integration.

We're with you every step of the way

We deliver a wireframe after the first consultation, which is a first sketch of what your software will look like.  This will give you and your team a clear picture of what you can expect from this software, including a cost estimate.

This wireframe allows you to brainstorm with your team, formulate follow-up questions, and make informed decisions together.

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