Custom web application solutions

Is there a workflow in your business that feels tedious or cumbersome? Do you think it could benefit from some web automation? We can help you with that. At Studio Maui, we develop customized web applications that will streamline processes and give you the results you need fast and flawlessly.

Increase your team’s efficiency with their buy-in

Have you ever been tasked with using a tool that doesn’t add value to your responsibilities? New applications can be added to a team without ever considering their needs or what problems they need to be solved in order to improve their effectiveness. If you want to get the most out of your employees, you need to ensure they are bought into the technology you want them to use.

Before we build the application, we make sure to work with you and your team to understand the required challenges, obstacles or problems that need to be solved. Once we know the pain points being experienced by employees, we set out to visualize a solution. From that point forward, your team will know exactly what problems the tool will solve and how it will look.

Throughout the process, we will bring you and the team together to interact with the application and share your feedback and any changes you’d like to see made to the software to ensure it continues to provide value to your team.

No loss of functionality on the job

To ensure your web application doesn’t stop working when you need it most, we conduct automated testing before we ever make a new version available. To increase our own efficiency and remove human error, we’ve built a testing application that screens the entire application errors at the click of a button.

Our testers, design this test software specifically for your application to ensure that nothing is missed. Because they operate independently of the developers, they are able to perfect these automated tests. Through these and other measures we apply, Studio Maui is able to guarantee the quality of your applications.

Why would I use a web application instead of a desktop application?

This is a key question when you’re thinking about developing a custom software solution. A lot of the considerations for using one or the other depending on how your team will be interacting with the software.

Here are a few of our reasons to recommend a web application:

  • Your employees can use the application from any device with internet access
  • No need to worry about downloading and installing updates
  • Don’t need to install the application on every device

We know that all situations are different. If it sounds like you might prefer a desktop application, we can build those too.

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