Custom mobile application solutions

Is your team spending a lot of time working on their phones or tablet devices? Are they trying to access information in several places or in bottomless cloud storage solutions? Let us create a mobile application that can increase the productivity of your team and business.

What makes our mobile applications different?

Have you ever noticed how applications designed by big-name organizations or popular platforms can still be bogged down by bugs or user interfaces that aren’t user-friendly?

At Studio Maui, we want to make sure that your app is developed as if we were to use it ourselves. Our success comes from being able to increase your business’s productivity; if you’re losing time because of a workflow-breaking bug, then we need to do a better job. Our team has over 10 years of experience in developing customized applications helping us to create even better software.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on creating custom mobile apps that:

  • are easy to maintain because they use our universal development methodology
  • have minimal update impact because of our automated testing approach
  • are handled with care by developers who love their jobs

What type of app should you build?

Whether you want to communicate with your employees or develop a resource for them to use, mobile applications are essential for businesses with spread-out teams. But what type of mobile application should you design? Native, web or hybrid?

While each option has its advantages, it really depends on how the app will be used. Here are a few of our notes for consideration:

  • Native Apps are more stable, fast and garner greater user-appreciation; however, they are more costly as they need to be developed for multiple platforms (Apple or Android).
  • Web Apps need to be designed to operate across different browser windows resulting in a reduced user experience.
  • Hybrid Apps are web apps that behave like a native app, gaining some advantages of a native app but with the non-continuous user experience of a web app.

Whichever option sounds best for your mobile application, we will work with you to ensure that it is the right decision before moving forward.

Get your wireframe the same day

Seeing the first stage of your product can be a critical moment. It gives you and the team an opportunity to validate that this solution is just what you need or to pivot in a new direction to ensure that we are building something the business would use.

In addition to making sure that the resource is useful, this first phase can indicate whether Studio Maui is the right part to accomplish this task. That is why we seek to deliver a wireframe of your custom mobile app solution to you and the team on the same day. That way, we are building quality right from the start.

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