Custom desktop application solutions

Is there an efficiency challenge that standard programs aren’t able to solve for you? Are you facing operational obstacles that can’t be sufficiently addressed by enterprise-level software? We can build a customized solution just for your business that meets each of your needs.

Intuitive user experiences mean happier teams

Large organizations design software that can meet the needs of several businesses. This means that they can solve for a lot of surface-level problems and sell their software to a greater number of companies. Unfortunately, this means that their applications are not designed with your team’s specific use case in mind.

When you use generalist products, you get generalist solutions. Studio Maui wants to build a software solution that works for you. We make it our mission to make your experience using our custom applications simple, enjoyable and intuitive. We do this by working with people who are individually specialized in UX/UI design and by involving you and your team members during the design process. This allows us to be agile in our process, ensuring that we are always building a resource that your business is excited to use.

Do you need a desktop or web-based application?

Whether you want to build a solution that lives on your computers or one that is accessible through a web platform is entirely up to the business and how their team will be engaging with the application. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

If you’re unsure about which to choose, here are a few reasons why a desktop application may be a fit for you and your team:

  • Having the application accessible right from your computer creates an easy and dependable experience for users
  • The application will run faster—being able to harness the processing of your computer rather than relying on the internet
  • You won’t depend on different browsers and their different versions for how well they can display your application

We know that all situations are different. If it sounds like you might prefer a web application, we can build those too.

Know the software you’re getting

You know exactly what you want from your application but not what it’s going to look like or how someone might build it for you. To remove any uncertainty, we invite you and your team to sit down with us and talk through your exact wishes. Based on those conversations, we create a wireframe of your application to review and provide feedback on.

This allows you to see how your requirements will translate into a feasible solution. Receiving a visual idea of the programs will help you set expectations for your colleagues before they get their hands on the application. Now, they can buy into and get excited about using the new resources being built for them. You’ll also be able to demonstrate the software’s value to leadership to illustrate why the budget for the project was needed.

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