Timely delivery of fruit with Van Ooijen Citrus

Optimizing fruit freshness: a logistical challenge

How can a software tool contribute to the freshness of fruit? That is the question Van Ooijen Citrus sought to answer. They are faced with the challenge of getting fresh fruit from all over the world into supermarkets on a daily basis. The customer is critical, the product vulnerable and the logistics complex; a small delay in the process almost always has consequences.

Empowering efficiency: The Studio Maui solution

Studio Maui developed a tool that allows employees to see the stock and availability of their product at a glance. With this tool, Van Ooijen Citrus can reshape their business operations to be more complex, which allows them to anticipate orders and get fruit on location more quickly. The process becomes transparent and the warehouse employee can bring order to thousands of containers and crates that pass by daily.

From warehouse to customer: streamlining the supply chain

Now it’s even possible for Van Ooijen Citrus to sell fruit before it reaches the warehouse. This way, fruit makes it to the customer earlier and fresher. Because fruit spends less time in the warehouse, capacity has been freed, allowing Van Ooijen Citrus to continue growing without needing to invest in expanding its existing infrastructure.

Complex business operations were made even simpler than before!

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