Safe navigation software for MF Shipping

Navigating safely: ensuring smooth passage for cargo ships

Still waters run deep. That’s how the saying goes, however many additional variables are involved when shipping cargo safely: speed, mass, salt concentration and tides all influence the position of the vessel in the water.

Introducing innovative solutions

This means that captains need to be certain of what’s happening beneath the surface of the water. After all, you’re responsible for the well-being of your crew and the ship.

Without accurate information, a ship is at risk of hitting the bottom or colliding with a bridge at any point. Commissioned by MF Shipping Group, we developed a software tool that allows captains to see whether there is a risk of their ship hitting the bottom based on their input.

Advanced risk assessment

The tool does this based on parameters that have been collected for different zones in advance and monitors whether there is any chance of collision. If it turns out this risk exists, a more complex model can be applied to research at what speed and time safe passage through the zone would be possible.

The tool does the hard math so that the captain can simply see whether the light is green for each zone along their route. This is only one example of the versatility of applications that we can realize using our creativity and skill!

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