Innovative employee scheduling at PepsiCo (expected: 12-7)

PepsiCo, a prominent leader in the food industry, faces the complex challenge of efficiently scheduling its employees. With fluctuating production and unpredictable factors such as illness and vacations, this process requires a dynamic and flexible approach.

Technology as a solution

At Studio Maui, we built an advanced scheduling system that anticipates these challenges. Drawing on the power of algorithms, our software schedules employees in constantly changing positions, ensuring fair and balanced workforce planning. This all while taking their appropriate skill set into account.

Fair play and flexibility

The tool ensures that employees are not repeatedly performing the same tasks, contributing to their job satisfaction and happiness. Additionally, integration with staffing agencies makes it possible to swiftly fill open positions. This is integral to maintaining operational flexibility.

Optimal work scheduling balance

With the implementation of our scheduling software, PepsiCo employees experience an optimal work schedule balance. Not only does this lead to an improved work environment but also to higher productivity within the entire organization.

Benefits for everyone

The software offers extensive functionality, such as easy communication with employees through various channels, management of leave requests and keeping track of hours worked. All of this contributes to streamlined scheduling and happier employees.

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