.NET developer

Are you an analytical mind with a creative spark? Do you seek more than a job, but a passion that welcomes you into a family? Studio Maui is always on the lookout for talented individuals who share our core values and vision for the future.

Who are we

At Studio Maui we are confronted every day with complex & fun issues: how can a ship safely sail at low tide? How does the GPS data of company vehicles translate into hours worked? How can you fill margarine with minimal waste? These are all questions that give us energy at Studio Maui! We are a small but fast-growing company with a close-knit team; together we are responsible for success, but at the same time we offer everyone the freedom to create their own solutions.

We develop solutions in .Net MAUI, Blazor or WPF. Because we understand not only the software but also the underlying business operations, our customers keep coming back to us for guidance and solutions. Therefore, in addition to programming, you can also train yourself in a consulting role.

What are we looking for?

As a .Net developer at Studio Maui you will work in the following roles:

  • You independently build completely new applications and then deliver them to the customer. In this process you guide the customer from A to Z. On the one hand you ensure that the customer has a pleasant experience with the delivery, on the other hand you also ensure that the customer fulfills his side of the obligations.
  • You will also manage the pool of existing applications: sometimes there is an urgent incident or a customer has a new question. You then speak to the customer and ensure that they can continue with their business operations.
  • Over time, we will also challenge you to speak to new customers in earlier stages. You visit them and inspire the customer with our enthusiasm for building apps and translate his wishes into a design and price.

What do we offer you?

With us you will develop from an enthusiastic programmer to a senior IT professional. You will become the specialist in the field of business applications. You will slowly expand your knowledge to other domains and/or other roles. We offer you freedom and responsibility, but also guidance in the growth process and a team to spar with.

Who are we looking for?

Are you loyal to people, careful with coding and do you have an abstract level of thinking? Send a short email to in which you explain your motivation and/or experience in 3-5 points, together with your CV.

Who knows, we may soon welcome you as our new teammate! If you have any questions, give a call to (778) 200 4400 and ask for Bas. We are looking for both employees as freelancers.

Studio Maui – .Net developer (pdf)

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