How we work



Every great idea starts with a draft. Our wireframes turn your vision into a tangible design that can be easily discussed within your team. Why is this important? It ensures that everyone on the team feels involved, facilitating internal buy-in. Also, it helps clarify your budget requests and allows us to achieve a better end result.

With our approach in wireframing, there are fewer financial surprises down the line.


Clean coding

Clean coding uses a set of methods that improve code readability. Our commitment to clean coding means that you’ll benefit from software that’s not only reliable, but also easy to maintain and update over time.

This approach minimizes the chances of encountering issues and guarantees swift resolutions whenever necessary, enhancing your overall experience and efficiency.


We involve your team

We believe that the best software is created when the people who will use it – you and your team – are directly involved in the development process. That’s why we actively involve your team, from lego building sessions to personal 1-on-1 conversations, all to make sure everyone feels listened to.

This not only results in a better end product, but also ensures that the software is seamlessly integrated into your work flows.


The Maui style

Although we encourage creativity and individuality in our developers, we also adhere to a uniform coding style. We call this the “Maui style.” Now, how does this benefit you? It allows our team to collaborate together more easily and respond quicker to any incidents, even in code they didn’t write themselves.


Personal communication

As soon as your software has been delivered, we guarantee direct communication between you and our developer who takes care of your application. No unnecessary intermediaries, no delays. Simply direct assistance from someone who knows your project through-and-through to provide fast, effective support.


Limited amount of frameworks

We like to keep it simple and specialized. So we choose specialization over diversification. We accomplish this by focusing on a handful of frameworks within C#. For you, this translates into more robust and reliable software, tailored to meet your specific needs with precision and efficiency.


Focus on manufacturers

The realm of manufacturers fascinates us. Yet the one thing that really makes our hearts skip a beat? The ability to automate and apply refinements that bring your factory’s efficiency to new levels.

Our specialization in the manufacturing sector means that we understand not only your technological challenges, but are also aware of the unique dynamics of your business. Your benefits? We deliver solutions that are not only cost-effective, but also significantly improve the quality and performance of your production process.


Testing, testing, & even more testing

Quality comes first and foremost at Studio Maui, and that means testing, testing, and more testing. Look at Amazon, for example, which updates every 15 seconds without glitches. Their secret? Carefully thought-out test routines that scrutinize every piece of code, from the smallest feature to the entire system.

Of course, setting up these tests requires a considerable investment – sometimes as much as 20% to 30% of total development time. However, we consider it as an absolutely essential investment in the quality and reliability of your application.


Code reviewing

Every application we develop is subject to rigorous code review by a second developer. The first, the lead developer, takes charge of building the application, while the second, our quality controller, oversees the integrity of the code. Prior to each scheduled delivery, the second developer dives deep into the code and performs a thorough review. He then shares his insights and possible improvements with the lead developer.

This not only ensures a higher quality of the code for your application, but also guarantees that we can respond quicker to future needs or incidents.

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