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At Studio Maui, we believe in building meaningful relationships. After all, why do you get into a relationship? To both give and receive, to share appreciation and love, to feel cherished and valued.

This is no different in the entrepreneurial realm, although some organizations may only be driven by financial goals or are simply too big for a personal approach. Working with us means that every collaboration begins with the foundation of a relationship between you and the team. We see ourselves as a solid family, a pack even, where care and support are key.

Working together with us feels like coming home. You are more than just a number, you are part of a family where caring for each other is in our DNA.


What we believe in

The four building blocks of Studio Maui's ethos
shaping every project and partnership



As a perfectionist, I have an obsession with quality. In my company I surround myself with people who are skilled in their work and share that perfectionist streak.

Subpar quality would make us feel.. uncomfortable.



For me, family is important. The sense that you are part of a pack and take care of each other. I find and connect with employees and freelancers, who share this feeling of family.



Every day I wake up, I am looking forward to work. Because I really, really like it. I help my employees to find what drives them and position them accordingly.

It allows them to view their work with passion.



Every person has their own perks, has a wild monkey deep down inside, or a black and white wolf that battle each other.

And that’s okay: we still respect each other. Whoever we are or what place we are in.


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