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Bring your employees to the next level? Let us build you software that ups your organization’s performance.

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Simplify your organization with 100% accurate forecasting and transparent inventory management.

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Optimize your production process through real-time monitoring and automatic production planning.

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Smart margarine filling with Unilever

Margarine hasn’t been just margarine for a long time. Unilever alone delivers fifty types of different margarines using just their own recipe. This means that the Unilever factory in Rotterdam switches recipes at least 2500 times per week! However, after each switch, residue stays behind in the machines.

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The cooperation with Bas and the company Studio Maui has provided us with transparent and swift access to our complex Excel data files and has made data management manageable and controllable.

A warning to any new client of Bas, afterwards you will be left with the feeling: we should’ve done this two years earlier!

Rob Schouw

Our cooperation with Bas has been a very pleasant experience.

A clear plan of action with a corresponding quotation before the project commenced. There was strong communication during the project to solve any issues that might rise. Great final product.

Meanwhile, we’ve already brought in Bas for a new project!

Inge van Gerwen

For some years now, we happily work with Bas with regards to developing new, and improving existing applications.

Bas has shown the ability to quickly understand, use and weigh existing business processes, so he could develop user friendly professional applications based on our wishes.

We hope to work with Studio Maui for many more years to come.

Rob Woutersen

Cooperating with Bas is pleasant. He’s open and listens well, which enables him to offer a great solution within a discipline that isn’t his own.

It’s saved me an enormous amount of time!

Henry Hiltjesdam

I approached Bas for some report tools. These serve as tools for monitoring progress processes in 2 of my partakings outside of Cimar.

The cooperation was very pleasant and the tools are all applied on a monthly or daily basis, to full satisfaction.

One can speak of a satisfied client, who, if the need arises, will definitely utilize Bas’s expertise again.

Marius van Ekris

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