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Your employees are your most valuable asset, especially those on the front lines. That’s why involving them in the development and implementation process is crucial. Did you know that (unintentional) employee sabotage is one of the main reasons software becomes unused within two years?

We understand that adopting new software can be overwhelming. That’s why we ensure that your entire organization is actively engaged in the development process. Your employees provide feedback on the design, test the software, and receive the necessary tools to work confidently and independently with the software.

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“One can speak of a satisfied client, who, if the need arises, will definitely utilize Studio Maui’s expertise again.”

Marius Ekris, director

“A warning to any new client of Studio Maui, afterwards you will be left with the feeling: we should’ve done this two years earlier!”

Rob Schouw, director
Kunstenhuis Idea

“Studio Maui has saved me a lot of time!”

Henry Hiltjesdam, director

“Studio Maui helped us find solutions to existing bottlenecks. They move easily through the sometimes complex matter.”

Inge van Gerwen, HR manager
Salvation Army

“We have enjoyed working with Studio Maui for several years now in developing new and improving existing applications.”

Rob Woutersen, head of services Europe

“Good communication during the work to resolve any problems quickly. Good final product.”

Gert Jan Buurstra, IT employee
MF Shipping Group

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